Freestyle Gym


Suitable for beginners or those with some experience, our Freestyle Gym program is designed for boys and girls aged 9 to 13 years (born 2015 or earlier) to provide full development in functional movements, through its high energy, fast, skillbased classes. Perfect for kids with a lot of energy!


Freestyle gym is great for those wanting something different and is challenging and rewarding with a focus on fun in a supportive and nurturing environment.

This program is designed to provide full development in functional movements.


Our coaches are highly qualified and experienced to ensure child safety is maintained and guide children through basic skills allowing them to further these skills to higher levels.


Gymnast Journey

Our programs are designed to improve strength, flexibility, coordination and body awareness through the use of the Dominant Movement Patterns in gymnastics, including Landings, Locomotion, Rotation, Swing, Spring and Statics.

Freestyle gymnastics enables athletes to strengthen their physical skills, build character and cultivate discipline, developing confidence building skills with a focus on core strength, fitness and coordination.

Gymnastics is an individual journey as athletes set and pursue personal goals, facing unique challenges and progressing at their own pace.

We understand that being with friends is important. However, our focus at NDGC is on each athlete’s individual success.

To maintain focus and individual growth and personal development, we regret that we cannot accept friend or coach requests.

Making new friends along the way is a part of their journey!

No Obligation

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freestyle gym
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What to bring

Our newly renovated facilities can cater to all of your needs including toilet & changeroom facilities (including disabled), a reception area and we are fully air-conditioned. You are welcome to bring your own water and snacks.


Arriving to and from class

Please aim to arrive 5 minutes before class commences to reduce distraction to others and avoid upsetting the child to enter the class after it has started. Bags and shoes can be placed in pigeonholes at the start of class, drink bottles can be placed in the coaches bucket at the start of class. After class please leave promptly to cater for the next group of children and parents. We kindly ask all children take their shoes on and off in the reception area to allow smooth transition between classes.


What to wear

Bare feet are the only feet for gymnastics – It allows your child to experience a variety of different surfaces whilst ensuring safety. We recommend wearing fitted clothing that does not restrict movement, as children will be upside down at times. Essentially hair tied back and off the face and there is NO jewellery to be worn at any time.


Non Attendance

We offer a makeup lesson for any missed classes. These can only be used within the same term of nonattendance. Terms & Conditions apply.