Child Safety

Child Wellbeing Policies

NDGC has adopted and implemented Gymnastics Australia’s (GA) Child Safe Policy and Member Protection Policy, to ensure the highest standards are achieved in respect to the protection and safety of all participants.

Child safety is embedded into GA’s , governance and culture through the National and State/Territory jointly signed Child Safe Commitment Statement and is further defined in the organisations Child Safe Policy, that must be read in conjunction with this policy.

In addition, NDGC has a number of additional supporting policies and codes of conduct that have been created specifically to further support our members. NDGC continually reviews these documents to ensure they are of the highest possible standard.


GA’s Child Safety Policy

This Policy is part of GA’s proactive and preventative approach to uphold its commitment to the safety, wellbeing, participation and empowerment of all Children who access our activities, programs, services or facilities.

GA’s Member Protection Policy

This policy is part of the organisation’s proactive and preventative approach to tackling inappropriate behaviour and as such sets out the Codes of Behaviour and the Code of Ethics within which everyone associated with the organisation is expected to abide.

NDGC’s Coaches Code of Conduct

NDGC’s Coaches Code of Conduct underscores the importance of speaking up and taking action against wrongdoing while complementing the scope of NDGC’s operations and culture.